How To Export Charcoal Abroad From Nigeria







Everyone wants to make money but not everyone can get dirty (yeah you heard me right). If I were to ask you if you wanted to make money, you will definitely yes, after all everyone want to be rich, but if I asked can start a charcoal business, only God know what your answer will be. If I were to say for every bag of charcoal you export, you will get some dollars, I am sure I will get a more favorable response (from a few people though).

The charcoal industry in Nigeria is a multi-billion industry which attracts some degree of grants from the government in order to sustain it.

In order to start exporting Charcoal, you need the following;

  1. Have some capital to start.
  2. Register your business with CAC.
  3. Meet the exporting requirements from the government regulatory agencies on charcoal export business.
  4. You need to be equipped with the rudiments of the principles that guide Charcoal export.
  5. Search for foreign buyers
  6. Get a steady supplier to ensure that you do not run out of supplies due to an increase in demand.
  7. Follow the global pricing of the Charcoal and know where it is needed the most so as to establish contacts in those countries.

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  • kelvin February 25, 2018   Reply →


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