5 Reasons You Should Invest in Nigerian Agriculture

Agriculture is the back bone of human survival – it has been sustaining mankind over the ages. Without it, there will be no food to eat and no raw materials for our different industrial use. Through agriculture we can produce enough food for yourselves and to others who will readily buy from us and make us rich.

It is said that the whole life of man revolves around nature and agriculture. If that is the case, why do most people look down on this noble investment, preferring to invest in products and services that are less sustainable to human race?

It is so sad to see how people these days are becoming more of consumers rather than producers. Everyone just like to relax on the beach all the time taking sun bath while crunching on glasses of exotic wine. No one wants to go out there to do productive farming that ensures continued provision of foods and other valuable sources that sustains life of human and animals.

Most affected in this regard are Entertainment celebrities who projects life of partying and walking on the streets holding a cup of wine as the real life, thereby encouraging laziness and wayward lifestyle among youths who tends to look up to them as source inspiration.

No wonder the reasons we now have more music singers than music listeners, more aspiring actors and actresses than those buying the videos, more entertainers than those being entertained. The world just seems to constantly degenerating to life of plenty enjoyment and plenty of laziness.

Granted, everyone (including me) wants to have a good time once in a while, of which is the beauty of life and the reasons we work, to enjoy some of the good things life has to offer – to keep us going and being more productive. No one is against that but a situation where people wants to be merriment all the time is not just acceptable.

I can hardly see any entertainment celebrity investing in Agriculture, rather they’ll invest millions of dollars in fashion and clothing line, in perfume and wines, and things like that. The consequences is that majority of the world is beginning to see such as the ‘in thing’… looking down on what should truly be the in thing. This has to change!

There are very good reasons to invest in Agriculture and below are some of the reasons anyone should invest in Agricultural sector.

1. Personal Satisfaction – I don’t know about you but there is this feeling of nature, being close to nature I use to have each time I am in the farm. Seeing the beautiful plants bustling with life and tenderness, the joy of tending the crops and guiding them to growth is just amazing. You have the wonderful feeling that you are doing great and worthwhile things, helping to sustain the universe and not just consuming it to death.

2. Guaranteed Availability – Have you ever been afraid that one day, those raw materials you are using for your current production may not be available anymore? You are not alone, many people feel the same way. One day they may be no woods for the furniture and carpentry works . They may be no more raw materials to make those cloths you put on and abandon at will.

However, investing in Agriculture ensures that you have some these materials at all time.Agriculture I hate those who believe they can buy anything once they have the money, it doesn’t matter it the think isn’t available. But I like those who despite having the money still think of how to sustain nature for the benefit on everyone.

3. Purest Environment – The catarrh I am having right now is as a result of being expose to certain industrial pollution few days ago and some others are having much worse cases than this. People die everyday because of artificial industrial pollutions due to the fact that more and more synthetic products are being produced everyday. With Farming, you are sure of contributing to the purest environment possible and not destroying it.

4. Support the Eco System – When you engage in Agriculture, you ensure that the natural food chain doesn’t break. Everything shouldn’t be just about the immediate quick profit, think of tomorrow and the generations yet unborn to whom you own the responsibility of sustaining this earth for because, someone else did the same for you thousands of years ago.

5. You Make Money – When you create value, the resultant effect is always wealth. Agriculture is one sure way to create great value that ensures you enjoy unlimited wealth. Farmers are not afraid of running out of raw materials anytime soon because your raw materials keep replenishing itself naturally. Perhaps there is more money to make in Agriculture than most businesses people glamorizes these days. Hence, this is the time to get up, get your gloves on, and get close to nature! The reward will be much great.

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