FAO educates extension workers in Northeast

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), of the United Nations, has said that it has trained about 51 agricultural workers under its Farmer Field School (FFS) in the North East.

Its Communication and Reporting Officer in Maiduguri, Patrina Pink, who made this disclosure, said that the FAO graduated the second batch of trainees last week to support farmers who were victims of conflicts in the Northeast, adding that they had been provided adequate skills to set up and run at least two farmer field schools.

According to her, the training was aimed at providing farmers with extension services information, market access and financial capital.

Pink further disclosed that the trainees were engaged in experimental and interactive sessions which involved groups of 20-25 people with discussion activities where they speak on challenges and solutions to rising agricultural issues in their localities.

“FFS usually comprised of resource-poor participants who typically face limited access to education, information, extension (for farming and pastoral advice) services, market access and financial capital,” She said.

Pink also reiterated the organization’s commitment to support the most vulnerable farming households in the Northeast area.

In his remarks, the FAO Representative in Nigeria, Suffyan Koroma, in a statement, said that the UN agency planned to install at least 100 of the farmers’ school in 2018 with regional partners.

According to him, “Smallholder farmers face huge hurdles in managing increasingly complex agro-ecosystems. Through FFSs, farmers will learn how to create sustainable solutions to farming and pastoral issues.”

He further stated that the organization works closely with the farmer to ensure that they properly utilize the inputs they receive.

Culled from http://www.agronigeria.com.ng

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