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The Nigerian Export Promotion Council which is an agency of the Federal Government is constantly encouraging Nigerian businessmen, agriculturalists, and industrialist to export more non-oil products. They below by doing this, they will be able to increase the country’s export index, create jobs and in the long run stabilize Nigeria’s economy.

Nigeria’s economy for decades been over dependent oil exports which have been the major contributor to the Nation’s GDP. Now, the government wants to change that by encouraging Nigerians to go into Agriculture.

But you just don’t get up and want to export agricultural products without following the steps below,

    • You will need to carry out a research on how to export agro-allied products.
    • Carry out a research on agro-allied products that are in High demand.
    • How do you establish foreign contacts?
    • Which mode of transportation should you adopt?
    • What are the legal requirements?
    • Before you can trade in Nigeria, you will need to register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
    • Foreigners will only transact business that is legally registered according to the laws of Nigeria.
    • Create a website for your business detailing what products you specialize in.
    • Attend networking events (Seminars and Conference) that are built around agro- allied products and agriculture.
    • Cold call prospective clients and also send emails out.
    • Search for exporting companies in Nigeria.
    • Advertise your business on google, online news platforms, and social media.
    • List your business in the local agro- allied directory.
  4. A completed form of NXP issued by Nigerian Custom Service
  5. A pro forma invoice
  6. Sales Agreement and NEPC Registration Certificate.
  7. Relevant Certificate of Quantity which is being issued by the relevant agencies.
  8. Shipping document like the bill of exit, bill of landing.

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