Agriculture, solution to Nigeria’s economic crisis –Expert

Government at all levels in Nigeria have been urged to invest more in agriculture as it has the potential of boosting the national economy and reducing poverty through job creation.

Making the call in Lagos at a briefing with journalists, real estate expert and Chief Executive Officer of Livelihood Homes Limited, Kelly Nwogu, said that government needed to look beyond oil to grow the economy and drive large scale development in the country.

According to him, with the right kind of investment in agriculture, youths and other categories of Nigerians would be gainfully employed, thereby reducing crime in the society.

He said, “Agriculture has a lot of potential for our country especially in the area of job creation and tackling of poverty.

“It is the way out of our economic crisis and that is why we need to go back to farming and do it the way we used to in the past.

“We must begin to produce more rice, cassava and others in large scale so that we can export to other countries and grow our economy.

“I believe if we embark on massive agricultural development, the issue of poverty, unemployment and crime would be naturally reduced.”

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