Abakaliki Rice Mill seal by Ebonyi Govt

The Ebonyi state government has direct that the popular Abakaliki rice mill is shut. This directive was due to the discovery of some bags of adulterated and poisonous rice allegedly found at the rice mill.

The Government has initiated an investigation into the matter.

According to the state commissioner during a press conference, the decision to seal the mill was reached during the weekly state executive council. He also stated that the responsibility of the government anywhere in the world was to protect the life and property of its citizens.

According to Ugbala, “thus the government of the state of Ebony under the Exco directive today ruled that the Rice Mill industry should be temporarily closed so that interested ministries, departments, and agencies could enter the market with security agencies and conduct a full investigation on this issue

“We do not know where the rice was adulterated or poisoned and the state of the poison but what we know is that it was reported to the state commissioner of Environment who brought the matter to the state executive council.

“On the bag brought it was boldly writing ‘Not Fit For Human Consumption,’ Now, the government has taken an adequate step and directed that the line ministries should investigate the matter.

“The order to seal the Abakaliki rice mill is to protect the lives of the people; as a responsible government that is what we have done”, he stressed.

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